'Artic Queen'
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Clematis 'Artic Queen'

Raised by Raymond Evison of the Guernsey Clematis Nursery ~ 1994.  Flowers are 4-7", fully double at all times.

Flowering period: Early summer to early fall.

Habit: Moderately fast growing deciduous climbing vine.

Height: 8-10'.

Exposure:  Sun to part shade

Site: Tolerates most garden soils.

Recommended use:  Grow on a trellis, arbor, obelisk, wall or fence,  separately or in combination with other plants.

Pruning: (Group 2)   When starting with a new plant prune as follows: during the winters of year 1 and 2 cut each stem -1" above the lowest pair of active buds.  This will encourage low branching, giving you a fuller looking plant in later years.  Winter pruning after year 2 would be to cut each stem back to a strong pair of buds.  Remove dead or weak branches.  Hard pruning in winter will be at the expense of some spring flowers as they form on growth from the previous season.  You can prune this clematis to shape the plant in late spring after its main flowering period, with out the worry of cutting off potential flowers.    

Watering:  Likes regular water. Soil should be moist but not wet.  Water deeply and then allow to dry some to encourage deep rooting.

Zones: 4-9.