Dwarf Creeping Thyme
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         ~Dwarf Creeping Thyme~

Mat forming ground cover that holds tightly to slopes and contours like carpeting.  Makes a lovely small scale ground cover, use in rock gardens, between stepping stones or anywhere a tight carpet of foliage would look good.  

Bloom: Short spikes of pink flowers bloom on top of foliage.  Prolific in full sun.

Habit: 1" tall by 12" wide. 

Exposure: Full sun to light shade. 

Site: Needs well drained soil. 

Spreading rate:  Medium.  Roots down as it creeps across the ground.

Fertilizing: Feed in early spring and again lightly in early fall.  Use a balanced fertilizer, preferably one containing a slow release nitrogen source.  Always follow the manufacturer's label recommendations when making any applications of fertilizer.  Be sure to rinse the fertilizer off the foliage.

Watering:  Regular summer water should be provided the first couple of years to ensure good plant establishment and to promote maximum growth. Though somewhat drought tolerant, it flourishes with a couple deep waterings during the driest months of late summer.

Pruning:  Prune as you wish to control height and shape.

Foot traffic:  Tolerates foot traffic.

Hardiness:  -20 to -10 F.